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​You can feel real Hawaii by hand creams.


Feel the essence of Hawaii through the Kahala Cosmetics hand creams.


The Kahala hand creams will let you experience the essence of Hawaii.


The scent of the Kahala ave hand cream is tropical and made from lime and coconut oil.  It will leave you with an adventurous sweet and fruity scent.  This fragrance is suitable for a day trip shopping or night out on the town.


The scent of the Waikiki Beach hand cream will bring back images of the cleansing Hawaiian ocean.  It is made with a combination of real ocean and apple water.  This fragrance will leave you refreshed and is suitable for a day filled with physical activities.


The fragrance of the Kapiolani Park hand cream is designed to provide images of the lush forests and parks of Hawaii.  It is made using hibiscus and chamomile and will provide a relaxing feel.  The scent is designed to provide the calming feel of Hawaii and mimics the experience of reading a book or going to bed.


Each fragrance is designed to provide a different experience.  Choose the one that best suits your personality or try all of them to provide a wide range of experiences.!














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